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Real Estate Photo, examples:

The Oaks, Calabasas

Park Belmonte, Calabasas

Rutherford Drive, West Hills

Park Corona, Calabasas

Lambourne Place, Oak Park




  • 5/5 stars

    Person is an artist photographer who skillfully captures the spirit of the subjects. The photos make us appear very natural although there are imperceptible enhancements to the quality of our smile. They truly seize that "happy moment in time" where light, artistry and professionalism  contribute to the magic. Person is a conscientious artist, approachable, friendly and extremely nice. The prices are reasonable and you are getting a fantastic, exceptional value. As a real estate broker with over 26 years of experience, I recommend Person for all your photographic needs!

    Mai P. Matthesen, Realtor, Calabasas, Oct 18, 2015


  • 5/5 stars

    Perfect eye for the details and composition!!
    I will definitely go ahead with future projects.

    Hrvoje Kontic, Kontic & Partners, Brussels, Oct 16, 2015


      5/5 stars

      Person is a real artist photographer with a special eye while looking              to everything, landscape, objects or people.                    
      Elvi Ratti, Rome, October 19, 2015


  • 5/5 stars

    Person was very professional, and very detailed with the work, and made sure the lighting and poses for the pictures were perfect, and edited the photographs of me so beautifully. I would highly recommend.

    Diana Sasson-Hersholt, Woodland Hills, Oct 16, 2015


  • 5/5 stars

    I highly recommend Person as an outstanding photographer with an artistic style, a rarity today. As a realtor I loved how you captured my clients luxury home and made it look extraordinarily beautiful. It drew a lot of interest. You are a true artist. Thanks so much for your professional eye and amazing cameras.

    Hava Simchon, Keller Williams Realty, Beverly Hills, Oct 15, 2015


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