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Examples, Paintings and Fine Prints by Madeleine Person, most are sold. All are hand drawn, no projection.

See also profile:

Tom Waits, Etching, NY NA 2000, edition of 5, 2 remaining

Paintings, Acrylic:

apersonart 011.jpg
apersonart 031 edit.jpg

Two Musicians, WBP 1996, Ink, acrylic


Bar, Hanging in Galérie Kamil, Monaco

Céret, France 1995

The Unknown Guests, Ink, acrylic, NY GH 1997

Art Opening 1996 WPB West Palm Beach

apersonart 21.JPG

The Philosopher 1995 Ink, acrylics

Blues, Ink, Acrylics, NY 1997

Parisian Cafe, Ink, Acrylics


Tom Waits, Etching, NY ASL 2000

Tom Waits, Etching, New York, NA 2000

apersonart 79.JPG

Maire Giuliani and the Sensation 1999 at the Brooklyn Museum, Oil

apersonart 066.jpg

Henry Miller

Jimi Hendrix.jpg

Jimi Hendrix, Ink wash

apersonart 076.jpg

Stevie Ray

Astrid Lindgren, GBS 2002, Oil, charcoal, hand drawn (no projection) 70 x 80 cm

apersonart 023.jpg

Fine Prints: Lithographs, Etchings:

In the Ladies' Room, Ink, acrylics, NY 2007

Lithograph, NY ASL 1997, from original painting:


Cocktail, Lithograph, NY ASL 1997

Saatchi 1200-1500 (2 of 5).jpg

Shit happens, Lithograph, NY, ASL 1997

Paintings, oil:

Miss Everybody, Mlle Tout le Monde 1998, Oil 

Brigitte Bardot

Cafe Aubette, E 21st St, NY 1997, Oil, In Mamzelle Pinard's, Rue du Lombard, Brussels

MTA, Manhattan Transport Authority

NY Student.jpg
Union square.jpg

PS 1 Line, Oil, NY 2000

Two Coats, Oil on canvas and charcoal, 100 x 140 cm, NY, Chelsea Hotel, 1998

Purse Queens.jpg

Water color, Ink washes:

Socialites, Acrylics on paper, NY 2000

Father & Son.jpg

Father & Son, Ink NY 2000

On the Beach (phone), Ink, acrylics on paper, Maui 2000

Care Aubette.JPG
DSC_0125 3.JPG
DSC_0086 3.JPG

Helmut Newton Ink on Paper, 60 x 30 cm

apersonart 106.jpg

The pianist, ink

Oil Paintings on Large Linen canvas, 100 x 80 in

Oil on large linen canvas, 100 x  80 inches (250 x 200 cm), NY 1999

The Shoppers, 2002 


New York Photos

scan0002 3.jpg

Purple Madonna

jazz_underground copy copy.jpg
apersonart 054.jpg
apersonart 046.jpg
apersonart 037.jpg
apersonart 032.jpg
apersonart 035.jpg
apersonart 042.jpg

These are analog, just bad scans. I have the negatives to make new editions, they are sold. 


2000 - Photo Soho - New York City

2001 - Photo Soho - New York City


EXHIBITIONS of Paintings, Graphics and Photography: 

Solo exhibitions________________________________________________________  

2013              Galleri Lotsen, Torekov, Paintings Photography

2012    , Scandic Hallandia, Halmstad, Sweden

2011              Studio show, Paintings, Photography, Brussels, Belgium

2008              Leonder gallery, Knokke, Belgium

2007              Leondar gallery, Knokke, Belgium

2005              Galleri Hälsoliv, Lidingö, Stockholm

2003              Galleri Elverket, Djursholm, Stockholm

2000              Artadvocate Gallery, 16 W 55 St, New York

1998              Studio show, Stanton St, Soho, New York

1997              Suite 333, Chelsea Hotel, New York City

1997              Suite 329, Chelsea Hotel, New York City

1996               West End Fine Arts, Palm Beach, Florida

1995-96          Own Gallery/Studio, Mougins och Céret, Frankrike

1994               Galérie Pingeot-Gerbi, Rue Quincampoix, Paris 4è

1994               Cité Internationale Universitaire, Paris (Maison Suédoise)

Group shows_________________________________________________________

2001                Photo Soho 2001, Soho, New York, Photography

2000                Photo Soho 2000, Soho, New York, Photography

2000-               Soho Triad Fine Arts, Soho, New York, Photography

1997-99           Galérie du Forum, in Monaco and Aspen Colorado

2000                3rd Annual Juried Exhibition, National Academy Museum, NYC

1999                2nd Annual Juried Exhibition, National Academy Museum, NYC

1998                1st Annual Juried Exhibition, National Academy Museum, NYC

1997                Viridian Gallery, 24 W 57 St, New York, Juried Exhibition

1997                Montclair University, Annual Juried Show, New Jersey

1997                Bergdorf Goodman (Armani), 5th Ave & 57 St, New York

1996                European Gallery of Modern Art, Palm Beach, Florida

1996                West End Fine Arts, West Palm Beach, Florida

1995-97           Lumina Art Gallery, Spring St, Soho, New York

1994-95           Galérie Elyette Peyre, Rue Visconti, Paris 6è

1994                Salon d’automne, Montmagny, Paris     


2000                 The Buhl Collection, Soho, New York (Photography)

1999                 The Hotel Chelsea Collection, E 20th St, New York

1996                 West End Fine Arts Collection, West Palm Beach, Florida

1995                 Collezione Serratore, Milan, Italy

1994                 Cité Universitaire, Maison de Suède, Paris, France

Artistic statement, 1997:

”I don’t take the pictures – they take me." (Henri Cartier-Bresson said that already, but it's true)


My paintings are mostly from my own photos. I later started to blow up and exhibit photos as well.



About Madeleine PERSON:


Art Studies: Art History, Painting, Illustration, Fine Printmaking, Photography, Digital Imaging,

Layout Design, Print Production, Video production.

Master's degree in Cultural Studies; Literature-Culture-Media. Translator, From 2020 Actor.

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